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2.Chapter: Getting to know each other

So, i was standing in front of the exit 3 at Seoul station and i was looking around the beautiful scenery. I was waiting for him to arrive. I don't know, what was the situation there, but i saw at least ten soldiers and every time i thought he arrived, but in the end he was there at 21:37. As he saw me he came straight to me. What i felt in that moment? I can not describe it with words. I couldn't believe the ten months of our long distance relationship is ended and something totally new will start from now on.

When he stepped in front of me he hugged me take my baggage and asked....are you hungry? He came there as soon as he finished his work so we went to a japanese restaurant. The only thing i can remember i ate a soup but i can not remember the name of it.

We went for a short walk after we finished eating and surprisingly i wasnt tired at all after the sixteen hours flight, i just enjoyed the time that i can be with him together. I didn't want to sleep, not even a minute in the next weeks because i felt those times would be just wasting our precious moments.
Our first picture together
Endlessly we sat in his car and we went back to his city, Songtan. He is a soldier there. He is in the air force. The traveling was around one hour and as usual he sang to me. The first night we spent in Songtan and the next day we went to Daejeon, because that time i planned to live there. Its one hour from Songtan and one hour from his hometown, so i thought it will be perfect. But we couldn't find even one room what i liked and i realized, if i stay here, i won't see him often. Maximum two days in a week, and it was really scary for me. Being alone in this country.

We talked a lot about this and then suddenly we just knew the solution. I will search a house in Songtan, and some bigger might helped us, because we found one. It was five minutes from where he was living. But i will not lie, it was an old house almost in the worst condition, but i didn't have a choice. 

After we talked with the owner and rent it, we went to Daiso,where you can bux almost everything to buy the necessary things for me. The original idea was that i will live there alone, but it became he moved there too with me. He was afraid to leave me alone and he wanted to be with me more, so he came there too. And since that time we are living together. After this you can see pictures about the house and the neighbourhood. 

I will make new pictures from the house after we made it more comfortable, i feel like i am at home there with him. Around May we would like to move somewhere else but we want to stay in the city. After we moved in, his one week vacation ended and i was alone a lot, and in the beginning it was really hard for me. I had a lot of time to think about what i left in Hungary and Germany and i really missed my family. And i missed the most my little one, my son, Gabriel (he is an almost ten years old mini puddle)!

The first trial started just after this. My love called his mother (his parents divorced and he lived with his mom) whom i talked with too. He wanted to bring me there to introduce to her. But she didnt want to meet with me. I will not lie, she said horrible things about me, and it was really painful for me, because i didnt expect this from her. Before that she had no problem with me. And what happened after this? I will tell it to you in the next chapter. :)

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