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1.Chapter: The beginning

I'm trying to remember that time because its a really weird feeling to think back the times when i didn't know him...but lets start our story.

Once upon a time there was a hungarian girl who lived not elsewhere but in Germany and although she didn't like her life there but her family was there so she didn't have a choice. She had a really hard period that time because of a love which marked her deeply and she had to be grateful for that love because she found thanks to that something which she was ever searching although she already gave up hope to find it...

I was after a downturn when i saw an app at least one hundredth time in a facebook group which i follow. And that app was MEEFF and it said you can find korean friends with it. Well, i had free time so i downloaded it and started the learn, how is it works. Its like Tinder (i don't know how much you know about it, but you can send a heart if you like somebody and if he or she send it back, you can talk with each other.)

I checked the pictures and suddenly there was a guy, in a soldier uniform (yes, my weakpoint is the military uniform, because in my hometown i lived next to a military base.). Because of that i sent him a heart and moved forward to the next picture and i already forgot about him and his face. BUT...after thirty minutes, he sent back a heart and he wrote to my kakaotalk which id i wrote in my profile on MEEFF. 

We started to talk and he told me, his hobby is learning languages and he would help me with my korean learning if i teach him hungarian in exchange. Our conversations became daily and he wanted to talk with me with a voice call. I admit, i was afraid to talk with him, because my english is really far from perfect, and i was afraid he will not understand me so i made excuses. 

Few weeks later there was a day when i thought...why not. I want to talk with him. So we made a video call. I was eating breakfast that time when he called me, and it was really strange to see him for the first time. Because he was in a sauna, with his mom. I was really embarrassed, i even poured the water what i drank on myself. We talked only fifteen minutes, because of the sauna his phone became really hot. What i can clearly remember is, i was thinking about if we will have children and grandchildren this would be a really unique story to tell them....how did we met with each other. :)
But there was no later.

I avoided him for days, because all of this was a really huge shock for me, and we only exchanged messages and i made excuses again, why we can not talk.

After one week i was really sad and he wanted to talk with me, but just a voice call because he was inside of his base. And i really wanted to talk with somebody, so we just did it. We talked three hours, and i suddenly realised, i am laughing out loud on his jokes. After that we talked every day voice or video call.

But we didn't want anything more than friendship that time. Sometimes we talked "only" three hours, but there were times when we learned and laughed together nine hours long. We talked about more and more personal things, and small secrets. One day i was in a horribly bad mood, and he wrote to me exactly the minute when i felt i want to give up. Like everything. I felt my self worthless and lonely. All what he asked was a call. When i take his call, all what he said was "Be quite. I will sing for you." I heard him a lot of times singing so i was like...okay. But in the next moment he started to sing...a hungarian song for me. It was from Enikő Muri - Botladozva. I won't forget it ever what i thought in that moment. I sat in my dark room, on the side of my bed and i cried. Because when i really needed somebody who can encourage me then this korean boy came...and we never met before, and he is singing a son to me in MY native language to make me feel better. If i look back, i know this was the time, when i fall in love with him. But that time i really afraid to love somebody.

Two months after we started to talk, i was heading out but he stopped me. He wanted to ask something. I said, okay, ask it. And the shocking question: "When you will come here to South Korea, will you be my girlfriend?" and my more shocking answer was: "Yes."!
That time the wall what i built in my heart just collapsed, and i couldn't deny the fact anymore...i am in love with him.

One of our conversation, when i was in
my bed and he was in a Pc room

After few weeks he asked me again...do you want to be my girlfriend from now on? And i said yes again, and we started to plan how will we meet although we had nine months until that. I was afraid a lot of times, that he will change his mind and he will leave me, but he didn't. He talked with my mom on video call and with my brothers too. Everything was okay. Although it was really hard time for both of us. And suddenly the day was there, i went to the airport in Hungary and i stared my journey to my love. It was five pm when i landed in Korea at the Incheon airport.

It wasn't easy to come out from Incheon so we agreed we will meet at the Seoul metro station.

At 21:37 we saw each other first time, he was in a uniform. And what can i say...i loved what i saw. He was tall, 181 cm and really handsome. He came fastly to me after he saw me and hugged me. After that he was just watching me and in the end he asked...are you hungry?

I will continue my story...i have a lot of stories about Korea and our relationship. Until then...take care everybody :)

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